And I'm Like Game

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"...and I'm like, uh, um, er..." — we all do it, but now we don't have to! 

Unnecessary words and sounds just clutter up our speeches. And I'm Like is a fun educational game to help bring attention to when we use these words. This game challenges you to be creative, use your imagination, and think on your feet, all while trying to avoid those pesky filler words. 

And I'm Like is a great way to help you, your family, friends, and even kids kick those bad habits that distract from what is important in our conversations and speeches.

The game is ummmm suitable for ages 6+ and for 2-6 players. It includes like the below items to help make dropping unnecessary words and phrases fun and exciting for everyone! 

  • 30 Like Chips in 6 different colors
  • 40 Q Cards with three topics on each
  • 18 Buzz Word cards including three blank cards
  • Game board, buzzer, 60 second sand timer, and instructions