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The new Speechcraft experience is available as a Digital Bundle for Base Camp.

Presentation Time of 4, 6, or 8 sessions: 1-2 hours each

This workshop focuses on the fundamentals of public speaking. It creates an outstanding opportunity to reach out to your community, provide a service, fundraise for your club, and bring prospective members in to learn about Toastmasters. The course can be presented either as an integral part of your club meeting or as an outside-the-club seminar at a different location.

The complete materials for starting and promoting a Speechcraft program (geared for five attendees who will be referred to as Speechcrafters) includes:

  • A Speechcraft Coordinator Quick Start Guide that will be available through your "My Downloads" with instructions to get you started
  • A Speechcraft-specific login and Base Camp page for your individual Speechcraft event
  • Digital learning for 5 Speechcrafters, available on Base Camp
  • Digital materials for 1 coordinator, available on Base Camp
  • Printable resources to help you plan and organize your Speechcraft sessions
  • Marketing materials to support the promotion of your event

Legal Messaging

By purchasing this product, I agree and confirm that:

I will conduct all Speechcraft programs, and make use of all Speechcraft-related materials, in accordance with Policy 4.0, Protocol 5.0, and Protocol 8.2 of the governing documents of Toastmasters International. I have reviewed these documents and am aware of my responsibilities as a Toastmasters member to conduct such a program. Neither I, nor any of the attendees of any of the Speechcraft sessions I conduct, are permitted to reupload, reproduce, or retransmit the supplied information or materials for any purpose outside of the Speechcraft courses I conduct. I claim full responsibility if this condition is violated.