A Handbook for Building and Sustaining Vibrant Toastmaster Programs in Corporations

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By Pat Johnson, DTM and Past International President (paperback)

A must-read for anyone involved with corporate Toastmasters clubs, either as a coach, mentor, sponsor, member or district leader.

This step-by-step handbook suggests alternative ways to work within the corporate world to build and sustain vibrant Toastmasters programs. 

Discover the imperatives to meet their learning needs, as well as ensure that Toastmasters unique delivery method is incorporated. 

Specific topics include: 

  • The importance of beginnings
  • Preparation prior to your initial meeting with the corporation
  • "Corporate Speak" versus Toastmaster jargon – know your audience
  • The demonstration and/or information meeting
  • Potential challenges you may encounter in the corporation
  • Leadership roles and responsibilities for everyone
  • Supports required from the district team